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How can it be that my arm or wrist pain could be due to my neck problem?

Arm pain and/or wrist pain may be due to a neck problem starting in the cervical spine. From the brain, the spinal cord extends through the spinal column with its smaller nerve roots trailing between the vertebrae (bones) to take impulses and instructions to all parts of the body, including your arm or wrist (or foot or toe or leg). If your arm or wrist hurt or throb or tingle, one of the nerves off the spinal cord could well be compressed or otherwise irritated. Thus, your arm pain or wrist pain may well be due to a neck problem whereby the spinal canal through with the nerve passes is somehow not functioning normally. A thorough examination and gentle chiropractic care may be a solution for you.

Consult Vancouver Disc Centers for a thorough examination and treatment plan to relieve neck-related arm and wrist pain.
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