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Listen to Your Vancouver Chiropractor: Up Your Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is the sunniest healthy vitamin we Vancouver folks need! It equals out us humans. It props our immune systems up. It maintains the body’s equilibrium - down to our very cells - balanced. A goal of our Vancouver chiropractic care is balance. So let’s look at Vitamin D – what occurs when we don’t have an ample supply of it and how we can grow the amounts of it in our systems.

Picture of Vitamin D supplimentsFirst, vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin, so a low-fat diet could lend itself to Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D has an effect on the soaking up and depository of calcium and evokes phosphorous absorption. It also regulates how calcium binding proteins work in bone and kidneys which also relies on Vitamin K. (1) That’s a tale for another time!

Second, Vitamin D3 deficiency is stated to lead to osteoporosis, cancer, immunological and infectious diseases(2) Dietary consumption of Vitamin D and calcium is lower in breast cancer patients(3) Vitamin D may not be advantageous in lowering risks for cardiovascular disease (4) as of today’s research, but patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo advantage from improved Vitamin D levels. Vertigo attacks did not recur after supplementation with Vitamin D. (5) So Vancouver Disc Centers encourages you to sit down and discuss your Vitamin D level at your next Vancouver chiropractic visit and potentially increasing it.


  • Take sunny walks. Researchers still say the best way to get Vitamin D3 into your system is via the exposure to UVB radiation. They even say that there are certain hours of the day and particular angles of the Earth's crust  are best, but we can’t be choosy. (2) We live in Vancouver, so get out and enjoy the UVB radiation our sun gives us here!
  • Eat Vitamin D3 rich food. Salmon, sardines, goat milk, green leafy vegetables, and eggs are good choices. (1)
  • Take Vitamin D3 Supplements. Check your brand with Vancouver Disc Centers so we can make sure it is best for you.

So get out in the Vancouver sun, enjoy a nice dinner of salmon, and consider taking an easy capsule of Vitamin D! It’s one of the best things for us to do for our bones, kidneys, mood, immune system and much more.

Contact Vancouver Disc Centers about your Vitamin D3 intake. We’re here for your Vancouver spinal and nutritional health!

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