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Vancouver Chiropractic Newsletter from Vancouver Disc Centers for September 2016

44% Satisfaction with Transforaminal Epidural Steroids for Spinal Stenosis
Chiropractic Cox Technic Offers More!

Just 44% of patients suffering with pain due to spinal stenosis report satisfaction with an epidural steroid injection and avoid further care. Do you want more? (1) Many Vancouver chiropractic patients with spinal stenosis and leg pain find more relief than the expected 50% put forth in Cox Technic protocols! In the medical vs Cox Technic flexion distraction study, patients with radiculopathy (leg pain) improved significantly more with flexion distraction. (2) In the 1000 cases study, 91% of back pain patients found relief in a mean of 29 days and 12 visits. (3) is well equipped to help relieve low back pain non-invasively.


Back Pain Relief Better with Multi-Care Approach

It’s no surprise that a joint effort for any end results in better outcomes. This is no less true in dealing with Vancouver back pain. Researchers write that combining physical and psychological care with yoga and patient education and spinal manipulation and acupuncture are cost effective ways to approach back pain relief. (4) Your chiropractor at Vancouver Disc Centers is the Vancouver back pain specialist for spinal manipulation and is no stranger to co-managing back pain for your best clinical results. We are a team!


Only 28.5% of Low Back Pain Physical Therapy Patients Improve!

Spine, the top spine research journal out there, publishes a report that just 28.5% of low back pain patients under physical therapy care recover. (5) Vancouver Disc Centers proudly offers chiropractic care for Vancouver low back pain. Cox Technic as offered at Vancouver Disc Centers reports 91% satisfaction with care at 90 days (3 months of care, the designation of when acute pain turns to chronic pain). (3) Trust Vancouver chiropractic care to offer more than 28.5% relief!


Chronic Pain – A Way to Avoid It

What is that way? Recognition of the risk factors! Recent research reports that up to 65% of back pain patients end up with chronic low back pain. That used to be just 8%! (6) Chiropractors like yours at Vancouver Disc Centers who use Cox Technic know these factors – degenerative disc disease, weak muscles of the multifidus, erector spinae, and psoas, psychological and social issues – and follow an algorithm of decision-making to set the proper treatment plan to manage these factors, make referrals to co-manage with other healthcare providers when necessary, and relieve the pain. (3) You know you can rely on your Vancouver chiropractor to do this for you!


Gluteal Pain and the Lumbar Disc Herniation

Yes, butt pain hurts. In a study to see its source, researchers find that a low lumbar spine disc herniation is to blame. The L4-5 lumbar spine level is the most likely responsible level. (7) No problem! There’s relieving Vancouver chiropractic care at Vancouver Disc Centers.

Thank you for reading and sharing this newsletter with any of your Vancouver friends who may suffer with back pain or neck pain. Vancouver Disc Centers is here to help!|Get relief at Vancouver Disc Centers.

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